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      methodical competence of learning geometry; future math teacher; of methodical preparation. [1]
      methodical competence of mathematics teacher [1]
      methodical competence of the teacher of mathematics; the willingness and ability to methodological activity; professional competence [1]
      methodological competence of future teachers of mathematics [1]
      methodological competence of future teachers of mathematics; construction of classes of mathematics [1]
      motivation of educational activity of students, algebra and number theory, the theory of polynomials [1]
      positive attitude of pupils towards learning [1]
      readiness to professional activity; the ability to the profession; professional competence; future specialist personality development [1]
      school textbook [1]
      Self-education, self-educational skills, educational-methodological task [1]
      Singular functions [1]
      stereometry, tasks, polyhedra, sections, spatial imagination build an image of the pattern, system tasks. [1]
      strictly increasing functions [1]
      student, teaching college system problems, probability theory, general cultural level cognitive activity. [1]
      system of tasks, applied orientation of training, mathematical modeling, applied problem. [1]
      System problems, the effectiveness of learning, differentiated instruction, a method of forming tasks, the type of lesson requirements. [1]
      «Литературные задачи» [1]
      «Літературні задачі» [1]
      внеучебная работа студентов [1]
      геометрична компетентність учнів, навчання стереометрії, технології формування знань та умінь з геометрії, якість навчання геометрії в старшій школі [1]