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    • Features of the mesostructural organization of the leave and the anatomical structure of the tobacco stem under the action of growth stimulators 

      Talalayeva, O.S.; Rohach, V.V.; Kuryata, V.G.; Rohach, T.I. (Біологія та екологія, 2021)
      Tobacco plants of Ternopil 14 variety were treated with growth stimulants 1-NAA, GA3 and 6-BAP in the budding phase. Under the influence of growth stimulants, tobacco leaf blades thickened due to the growth of chlorenchyma. ...
    • Features of the Pension Provision of Workers and Employees in the USSR During the 1920's. 

      Melnychuk, Oleh; Murashova, Olha; Мельничук, Олег; Мурашова, Ольга (Вінниця: ВДПУ, 2022)
      The purpose of the article is a comprehensive analysis of the pension system of workers and employees of the USSR in the 20s of the 20th century. . The research methodology of the study is the principles of historicism, ...
    • Fitness aerobics as a means of recovery the physical capacity of young volleyball players (boys and girls) 

      Kozina, Zhanneta; Cretu, Marian; Boichuk, Yurii; Sobko, Irina; Repko, Olena; Bazilyuk, Tatyana; Prokopenko, Irina; Tararak, Nataliia; Andrey, Osiptsov; Anatolii, Guba; Mikola, Trubchaninov; Kostiukevych, Viktor; Polianskyi, Anton; Rostovska, Viktoriya; Drachuk, Andrii; Konnova, Maya (2018)
      Improving the results in sports involves applying loads with significant volumes and intensity. It requires the introduction into the system of preparation of a complex of recovery the physical capacity. ...
    • Foreign Language Anxiety: Classroom VS Distance Learning 

      Lisnychenko, Alla; Dovhaliuk, Tamila; Khamska, Neonila; Glazunova, Tamara; Лісниченко, A.; Довгалюк, Т.А.; Хамська, Н.Б.; Глазунова, Т.В. (Universal Journal of Educational Research, 2020)
      Anxiety is a powerful affective factor that makes a negative impact on the foreign language learning and performance. It is important to be aware of the learning conditions that can influence the foreign language anxiety ...
    • Formation and functioning of source-sink relation system of oil poppy under treptolem treatment towards crop productivity 

      Polyvanyi, S.V.; Kuryata, V.H. (Ukrainian Journal of Ecology, 2018)
      We studied the action of synthetic growth stimulator (treptolem) on the morphogenesis, leaf mesostructure, redistribution of assimilates, and nutrients between organs of oil poppy (Papaver somniferum L.) in ontogenesis, ...
    • Formation and history of the Music and Folklore education in Ukraine in the end of the XIX-the first third of the XX centuries 

      Belinska, T. V.; Белінська, Т. В.; Белинская, Т. В. (Вінниця: ВДПУ, 2016)
      The proposed issue is related to the scientific aspect of the history of pedagogy, to deducing and generalization of the beginning and the further development of the folkloristic and music education: in particular it ...
    • Formation of hygiene knowledge of elementary school pupils 

      Misjura, Alina; Vrublevskiy, Eugeniy; Tolstenkov, Andrey; Місюра, Аліна; Врублевскій, Євген; Толстенков, Андрій; Мисюра, Алина; Врублевский, Евгений; Толстенков, Андрей (ТОВ "ТВОРИ", 2020)
      Relevance of the topic. The formation of hygienic knowledge which are necessary to maintain our own health is an extended period in the life of each pupil at all levels of education. An effectively developed and established ...
    • Formation of professional competence of future specialists of preschool and primary education by means of a game 

      Pakhalchuk, N. O.; Пахальчук, Н. О.; Пахальчук, Н. А. (Умань : ФОП Жовтий, 2016)
    • Formation of pupils` sports knowledge in day-care centers 

      Misjura, Alina; Місюра, Аліна; Vrublevskiy, Eugeniy; Врублевський, Євгеній (ТОВ «Планер», 2018)
      The formation of knowledge in the sphere of physical culture and a healthy lifestyle is a topical issue in educational institutions. The knowledge about physical exercises and a healthy lifestyle is an important element ...
    • Fulfillment of educational potential of the lecture in higher educational institutions in the context of professional development of the personality of a future teacher 

      Kaplinskyi, V. V.; Каплінський, В. В.; Каплинский, В. В. (Lublin : Izdevnieciba “Baltija Publishing”, 2017)
      On the basis of generalization of recommendations highlighted in the psychological and pedagogical literature on the lecture as a form of students’ training organization and personal experience, various methods of the ...
    • Functions of legal culture of future lawyers 

      Zarichanskiy, O. A; Заричанский, О. А.; Зарічанська, Н. В.; Заричанская, Н. В.; Zarichanskaya, N. V. (Уфа:РИЦ БашГУ, 2015)
      The article deals with the basic functions of legal culture of future law-yers. It’s has been proved that the interaction of legal culture with other forms of social consciousness should be considered as vertically - the ...
    • Functions of legal culture of future lawyers 

      Зарічанська, Н. В.; Заричанская, Н. В.; Zarichanska, N. V. (Уфа: РИЦ Баш ГУ, 2015)
      В статье рассматриваются основные функции правовой культуры будущих юристов. Доказано, что функция взаимодействия правовой культуры с другими формами общественного сознания необходимо рассматривать как по вертикали - ...
    • G suite platform for english teacher training 

      Glazunova, T.; Kuzmina, S. (Вінниця: ВДПУ, 2020)
      While working on the G Suite platform the faculty members of the department of foreign languages improve the awareness of technologies and the methodologies of web-based teaching. However, it is never a one-way stream. ...
    • Garden-park landscapes and the econetwork system of the right-bank forest-steppe of Ukraine. 

      Kravtsova, I.V.; Кравцова, І. В. (2015)
      A Law of Ukraine “About State program of formation national ecological networks of Ukraine on 20002015 years” was accepted in 2000. From this time a great work of the development of ecological network in Ukraine has been ...
    • Gender roles construction in the British press of the XXI century 

      Козачишина, О.Л.; Козачишина, О.Л.; Kozachyshyna, O.L; Федорчук, Н.В.; Федорчук, Н.В.; Fedorchuk, N.V. (Science and Education a new Dimension (Philology)., 2020)
      The article deals with the study of two-component nominal word combinations containing gender markers “woman”, “female”, “lady”, “girl”, “male”, “man”, “boy” in the British newspapers of 2017-2018. The analysis of the ...
    • Globalization and Internationalization in Education: Pros and Cons 

      Кузьміна, С. А.; Кузьмина, С. А.; Kuzmina, Svitlana A.; Глазунова, Т. В.; Glazunova, T. V. (Маріуполь, 2018)
      The article deals with the issues of globalization and internationalization in education, their positive and negative impact. It considers educational integration as a process that provides a great many opportunities for ...
    • GOOGLE DRIVE як невід’ємна частина дистанційного навчання у закладах вищої освіти 

      Хоронжевський, Леонід (Вінниця: ВДПУ, 2021)
      Використання Google Drive у навчальному процесі не тільки сприяє виконанню основного завдання сучасної освіти – формуванню конкурентоспроможної й успішної особистості в електронному інформаційному суспільстві, а й значно ...
    • Google-clasroom як засіб формування ІКТ-компетентності майбутнього вчителя початкової школи 

      Шикиринська, О.В.; Шикиринская, А.В.; Shykyrynska, A.V.; Вишківська, В.Б.; Вишкивская, В.Б.; Vyshkivska, V.B. (ВДПУ, 2020)
      У статті проаналізовано можливості додатку Google-Clasroom у створенні умов формування ІКТ-компетентності майбутнього вчителя початкової школи. Розглянуто принципи ефективного використання розглядуваного додатку у реалізації ...
    • Higher Education in the United States: (навчальний посібник) 

      Громов, Євген Володимирович; Громов, Е. В.; Gromov, Y. V.; Дерезюк, Ірина Володимирівна; Дерезюк, И.В.; Derezjuk, I. V (Вінниця : ВДПУ, 2004)
      The textbook is intended for full-time and part-time pedagogical students and is compiled in accordance with the requirements of the «English language program for non-language specialties.»
    • Higher Education in Ukraine: Ensuring the Quality of Education 

      Lazarenko, N. I.; Лазаренко, Н. І.; Лазаренко, Н. И.; Kaplinski, V. V.; Kаplinskiу, V. V.; Каплінський, В. В.; Каплинский, В. В. (Kielce : Holy Cross University, 2016)
      The article introduces ideas on the quality of education in pedagogical universities